Victim’s family members testified in the sentencing portion of SSGT Robert Bales court martial for his killing spree in Afghanistan. Reuters report here. Additional coverage of the defense case here (NY Times).

As we reported, here, the defense presented no evidence yesterday as MAJ Nidal Hasan continues to represent himself in his court martial at Ft. Hood. Local news reports, here that jury instructions and closing argument(s) begin at 9 am today. CNN recap here.

Any of our Canoe U. grad readers able to share their thoughts on the significance of the USNA moving sexual assault prevention training from outside of the classroom and evening briefings into the regular classroom setting, as reported by WaPo here.

Miami Herald report here on the debate in Gitmo about a recent Military Commission rule prohibiting discussions of jihad in communications between commission defendants and their lawyers. Considering the subject matter of the cases and the defendant’s background, that facially seems like a pretty dumb rule. But I remain open to being convinced otherwise.

The Virginian-Pilot reports here that a retired Navy sailor, a former CT with a background in the sub community, was convicted of attempted espionage in a Norfolk federal court yesterday.

3 Responses to “Military Justice News for Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013”

  1. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    Apropos your USNA comment, here’s an interview with the current Commandant, including some direct comments on levels of sexual assault in the military vs. similar civilian populations.

  2. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Welcome back Admiral.  And thanks for the note which highlighted that my write-up had the change backwards.

  3. paleo says:

    Due to draconian budget cuts, the range of topics that counsel and client can discuss have been significantly curtailed. Oh Gideon, your legacy suffers again. If only we could give more money to the AG, the first amendment could be opened up to these American counselors yet again.