Readers may notice that both CAAF and the AFCCA’s websites are down (though users on a government network can access a version of the CAAF website from last week). I’m told that it’s a technical problem of unknown scope and duration, external to the courts. If I learn anything new, I’ll pass it on.

4 Responses to “The CAAF and AFCCA websites are down”

  1. soonergrunt says:

    ACCA site: The site is live for me from my home PC on Cox highspeed internet.
    It resolves directly from the link as well.  Both cases give a certificate error, however if you click through, you get to the site.
    CAAF site: goes to an ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
    The IP address for the CAAF site also goes ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, and the server does not respond to pings.
    I don’t know if this is connected or not, but New York Times, Twitter, and several other sites are currently damaged by a DNS Redirect attack staged by the Syrian Electronic Army, a hacking collective that supports and receives support from Syrian President Hafez El Assad.  Most likely one or more DNS servers have been corrupted.

  2. phil cave says:

    AFCCA has been down since 21 june, CAAF for about a week. CAAFsite is done through the Air Force. 

  3. WWJD says:

    I agree the CAAF website ran by the AF should be given the death sentence.