WaPo (here) and the Annapolis Capital (here) have coverage of yesterday’s Art. 32 relating to sexual charges against 3 USNA football players. Here is CBS’s and here is NBC’s update on Thursday’s proceedings.

I liked the title of this Reuters story which captures the inescapable truth of the Hasan case–it now proceeds to appelllate review with or without him.

WaPo National Security page recaps military justice’s big week last week, here.

2 Responses to “Military Justice News for August 30, 2013”

  1. k fischer says:

    No Man, 
    I read a report that indicated the Defense Counsel called the accuser’s attorney Susan Burke to the stand. That is quite interesting to me, and I wonder if we will see Air Force Special Victim’s Counsel being called to the stand in the future.  From Phil’s link, it appears that the accuser was on the stand for approximately 20 hours.  That is a long time, but when you consider that in this case, the TC could use the 32 transcripts if the accuser becomes unavailable, then a very thorough cross examination should be in order.