The Wall Street Journal’s “Law Blog” has this excerpt from an interview with Justice Anthony Kennedy:

Q: Chief Justice John Roberts, among others, has criticized law reviews for publishing articles on obscure subjects that offer little assistance to the bar and bench. I understand you agree—but have found a substitute.

A:  Professors are back in the act with the blogs. Orin Kerr, one of my former clerks, with criminal procedure [and] the internet area, Mike Dorf, Jack Goldsmith. So the professors within 72 hours have a comment on the court opinion, which is helpful, and they are beginning to comment on when the certs are granted. And I like that.

Q: So you’re reading blog posts after cert grants?

A: I have my clerks do it, especially with the ones when we’ve granted cert, to see how they think about what the issues are.

One Response to “Justice Kennedy on legal blogging”

  1. Weirick says:

    That many look to blogs – such as CAAFlog – for timely information is not surprising. It is interesting to read that a justice would look for opinion and analysis.