Here is a link to Navy Times republication of the Navy’s Sep. 2013 courts-martial results. Here is the Navy’s actual release.

A quick poll for our readers, would you follow posts about the ongoing court-martial of an AF major accused of various sexual touching offenses at Nellis AFB, here, and an Airman accused of child abuse/neglect related offenses after the death of the child of another servicrmember while he was shacking up with the guy’s wife during his deployment, here?

9 Responses to “Military Justice News for Oct. 17, 2013”

  1. Christopher Mathews says:

    I’m pretty sure there will be coverage of the trial at Nellis each day it’s in progress. 

  2. Some Army Guy says:

    I’ll follow any court-martial related posts here.

  3. Ama Goste says:

    Yes, I would.

  4. John O'Connor says:

    I can’t speak to the Air Force, but in the Marines members might give the guy shacking up with the deployed guy’s wife the death penalty just for doing that.
    Nobody likes “Jody,” the guy who hooks up with your wife/girlfriend while you are deployed.  I think going judge alone might be the call here.

  5. stewie says:

    well…at least one person likes Jody.

  6. John O'Connor says:

    She’s not going to be on the panel.

  7. stewie says:

    True…sentencing witness?

  8. J says:

    I would.

  9. Christopher Mathews says:

    The trial at Dyess AFB is over, with the accused sentenced to a DD and three years according to local coverage here.
    The trial at Nellis is apparently going to be recessed for a time: there were unusual difficulties empaneling members, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.