Here is a link to Marine Corps Times coverage of the latest on the Marine Corps corpse desecration cases.

Some 27 former Marine Corps and Navy officers and lawyers, including a general officer, sent a letter to the leaders of the Senate and House Armed Services committees Tuesday, asking for a congressional inquiry into allegations of unlawful command influence centering on Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Jim Amos and his senior legal advisers.

The article also notes that a BOI recommended separation for Capt. James Clement, the sole officer charged in the corpse desecration cases.

13 Responses to “Retired Marine Corps Judge Advocates Ask Congress to Investigate CMC and his Legal Advisors”

  1. Bill Cassara says:

    No Man, No Link.

  2. Advocaat says:

    Does anyone have a copy of the letter and its attachments they would be willing to post so we can all see it?

  3. Charlie Gittins says:

    And, now Rowan Scarborough of the Washington Times has followed up in the DC press.

  4. Charlie Gittins says:

    So, I see the following quote in an article about Captain Will Swenson, MOH winner, who was sharply critical of his operational chain of command relating to the battle for which he was awarded the MOH:
    Hagel also praised Swenson for speaking out.
    “He dared to question the institution he was faithful and loyal to — that’s courage, that’s integrity, that’s character,” Hagel said.
    Riddle me this, Batman . . . where is Chucky-boy when the Weirik demonstrates his courage, integrity and chartacter?  Why no clamoring to tout Weirik’s character and integrity?   

  5. Russell Shinn says:

    The full letter and enclosures can be found over at my site:

  6. Digitus I. says:

    Why doesn’t Weirick’s counsel just publish his infamous email in full for us all to see?  They can at least give it to Congress along with the signed letter.  If they shed some daylight on it, that clear his name, right? 
    I also think drawing any comparison between Weirick and CAPT Swenson is a bit of a stretch, if not downright silly.

  7. Christopher Mathews says:

    It’s easy to confuse questioning institutional power with demonstrating courage, integrity and character.  The two are often related, but not always.  Some of the people who wore “Question Authority!” buttons in college were just jerks.

  8. John O'Connor says:

    Oh for a “like” button for Christopher Mathews’s post.

  9. k fischer says:

    I agree regarding the jerks in college wearing those buttons; it must have been tough in the 60’s not to punch one of those beatniks in the nose.  College was so much better in the early 90’s with the grunge/goth people who were upset with noone in particular, except perhaps themselves.  
    But, I’ve read many a post by The Weirick on this blog.  I never met the guy, but he does appear from his posts to be a person who would have the propensity to demonstrate courage, integrity, and character without being a holier than thou jerk or the type to call people out for ethicial issues unless he had given the ramifications of his actions adequate consideration.  And, those who signed that letter that I am familiar with from this blog have my deepest respect.
    Having been the subject of a vindictive type of investigation myself, I was humbled by the integrity of my fellow JAG’s on all sides of the aisles.  In that situation, you learn who your friends are and how others perceive the value of the work you do.  I would be humbled if those Judge Advocates signed a letter on my behalf.

  10. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    The Weirick is a stand up guy. Be honest with yourselves, how many of you would have stood up for what you thought was right in the face of the obvious danger to your career?
    In other news, let us hope Gen. Amos demonstrates some leadership pronto and puts to bed any rumors about those god-awful unisex hats.  
    Kind regards,

  11. John O'Connor says:

    Sir Cloudesley:
    Ask and ye shall receive.  The Commandant just released a statement on this.  My paraphrase:  “Anyone who wants to change the covers for male Marines, I want them crushed.”

  12. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    Ah, thank you sir, good to see that Gen. Amos responded so quickly to my commentary.  The man respects his more learned elders.
    (I can poke a little fun; my career is already a wreck.)
    Most humbly, etc.,