I heard this last week on Morning Edition.

3 Responses to “NPR meets The Weirick”

  1. Brian Bouffard says:

    General Amos and those protecting him are shameless.  It’s just astonishing.

  2. Some Army Guy says:

    It’s so brazen and obvious I can’t help but wonder what the “government” side of the story is.

  3. Dan Tay says:

    It appears the answer has been posted on the MC times website–at long last the full Weirick email.  Probably a few things in there he’s like to take back, like:  “no one can protect you from Weirick.  Ever.” Good luck with that one.  Forget the cutesie references to self in the 3rd person.  Don’t know this guy but find myself wondering advised him to take it to the press.  He must have known this was going to come out sooner or later–kinda like the air that used to be in his balloon.  Another cautionary tale about late night emails to the chain of command?