Here is a letter on behalf of Capt. James Clement sent to the DoD IG asking him to address UCI by the Commandant in the handling of the corpse desecration cases in Afghanistan.  Pro bono counsel for Capt. Clement are the co-leader of Akin Gump’s white-collar practice, John Dowd, and a Senior Counsel from the firm, James Osborne.  Mr. Dowd is himself a former Marine Corps’ JA.  He’s previously represented Sen. McCain in the Keating 5 investigation and wrote the “Dowd Report” on Pete Rose for MLB Baseball.

7 Responses to “DC Power Player Takes Up Fight Against USMC Commandant”

  1. Neutron73 says:

    Oh. Dear.
    This letter reads like a Tom Clancy (may he rest in peace), or John Grisham novel.  That single letter laid out more detail and facts than anything the rags have put out.  And it has all the juicy details.  
    And I read that Col Mannle is involved?  I swear to the Gods that I didn’t think the parties involved were that tone-deaf, especially, as the letter points out, his involvement in the sordid LtCol Mori affair.  
    I swear this affair will end up as copybook material of how NOT to practice military leadership or justice.  Oh my word…someone’s in it real deep.

  2. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    Totally off topic for this post, but op-ed today in USA Today regarding military justice.

  3. johnny says:

    Very refreshing article CS.  Hopefully, the mainstream media will pick up this story.  I won’t hold my breath.   

  4. Lee Thweatt says:

    “The worst case of unlawful command influence by the Commandant, his subordinates and his counsel in the history of the Marine Corps.”
    When someone with the credentials of John Dowd says something like that, it demands attention and an appropriate response to this mess.  And the only appropriate response in light of just how badly the rule of law has been trampled upon here is that the Commandant and his lawyers should resign.

  5. Advocaat says:

    “Every Marine, no matter their rank, is now in jeopardy.”  Absolutely brilliant framing of the issue.

  6. Sam Adams says:

    Additional coverage by Foreign Policy here:

  7. Some Other DC says:

    What about taking this to District Court in the form of seeking an injunction to prevent SECNAV from discharging Capt Clement based on violations of the APA and due process rights?