I’m a little late posting this, but last week Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA14) threw her hat into the Article 32 reform ring. H.R. 3459, text available here, appears to be identical to the bill introduced by Sen. Boxer, which we covered here. This bill will be in competition in the House with the bill from Rep. Turner, covered here.

Also, this article from Politico is an interesting read on the political dimensions of military justice reform and how it plays into larger ideological and political battles.

3 Responses to “MILJUS Legislation Watch: Rep. Speier Jumps on the Article 32 Reform Bandwagon”

  1. Some Army Guy says:

    From the Politico article:
    “the battle to end military sexual assault”
    I would submit that there is almost nothing that anyone can do — especially a politician in Washington, DC — to end military sexual assault.

  2. Stephen Wilson says:

    That doesn’t mean no one should try!  However misguided those attempts might be.
    And a through overhaul, even re-thinking, of the military “justice?” system would not be “out of order”.  Plus, no one except politicians in Washinton can change the system; the military itself certainly will not left on their own. Nor have they any interest in doing so or it would already be done. 

  3. stewie says:

    Well the military justice system is put in place by civilians so the military can’t do it on its own, even if it wanted to.