First, in case you are looking to change jobs or for something to do after you successfully defend against removal from your job and an improper mental health referral, CAAF has job openings, here.

Odd reports comesng out on the DOD IG’s potential resolution of Maj Weirick’s complaint against the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Here is a Marine Corps Times story relating a WSJ story and why it is that the DOD IG investigation only addresses favoritism allegations and not the broader unlawful command influence allegations.

Sen. Kirsten Gillinrand’s alternative legislation to amendt the UCMJ failed to make it to a vote. See Rochester Democrat report here. The Senate will take up the Authorization bill and possibly her amendment on Dec 9th.

Another Navy officer’s career is tanked by the Fat Leonard bribery scandal, here.

Some lawmakers are concerned about. unscrupulous consumer practices, particularly home lending, targeting servicemembers, here.

One Response to “Military Justice News for Nov. 22, 2013”

  1. k fischer says:

    Regarding predatory lending, I am co-counsel with former Governor Roy Barnes on a nationwide class action against a company called Community Loans of America (CLA) in the Middle District of Georgia.  We have four named plaintiffs who have been charged 144% interest or greater, notwithstanding the Military Lending Act that prohibits interest rates that exceed 36%.  We will probably have an answer regarding class certification by the beginning of next year.  CLA operates in 18 states and goes by 18 different names, but most use a very distinctive red rocket over a yellow background.