In this post last week I discussed some of the 38 sections addressing military justice issues in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014 (and the comments section to that post has been lively).

However, I’m holding off on a deep dive into the new provisions until they pass both houses of Congress. While there’s a lot to write about and discuss, there’s the holidays, our annual Top Ten list, and my day job. That said, assuming Congress passes the NDAA before the end of the month, I’m planning a series of posts for early January in which I will analyze the military justice sections of the law.

But about that assumption… The NDAA in its current form is a compromise reached by House and Senate leaders. The compromise legislation passed the House on December 12 by a comfortable margin. The Senate began its consideration of the compromise legislation on December 9 and a cloture motion was made on December 15. That motion could have been considered as early as this morning, but the Senate spent the day on the budget resolution. This story from The Hill predicts that the Senate will vote on the cloture motion tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon, and that it will pass.

For those interested in watching the sausage as it’s made, here are some references:

Link to Thomas summary of H.R.3304
Link to Thomas summary of S.1197
PDF of Congressional record: Senate’s December 9 consideration of NDAA (colloquy between Senators Levin, Inhofe, and McCain about the compromise; includes a letter from General Dempsey)
Link to congressional record: December 15 cloture motion

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