The services released a joint report on sexual assault at the US military academies, see AP coverage here and report here (link currently unavailable, DoD SAPR service academies reports page here). And it’s bad news for athletes at the academies as the report is highly critical of their behavior, accordionng to the AP report:

A culture of bad behavior and disrespect among athletes at U.S. military academies is one part of the continuing problem of sexual assaults at the schools, according to a new Defense Department report that comes in the wake of scandals that rocked teams at all three academies last year.

In Edward Snowden news, The Hill reports here that the House Intelligence Committee says that they have a report from DoD showing terrorists are changing tactics, and putting US troops at risk, in light of the revelations by Snowden.

DoD’s panel to study sexual assault and military justice policy is apparently meeting behind closed doors, even when hearing from just legal experts. Coverage here (US News). According to the article, the panel known as the Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault Crimes Panel (or 576 Panel, for the section of the NDAA that created it), says it isn’t subject to open meeting rules, which is a non-sensical reason for not holding open meetings. Transcripts of panel and subcommittee meetings are available on the website, see e.g. a Jan. 8, 2014 meeting of the Role of the Commander subcommittee meeting here. Monthly public meetings are held, including one to be held on Jan. 30, 2014 on the role of the commander, though the site of the hearing hasn’t been announced yet. For full disclosure, several current and former NIMJ leaders are members of the Panel or it’s subcommittees, including former NIMJ President Professor Elizabeth Hillman.

The Navy may dismiss charges against one ofbteo remaining former Midshipmen football players accused of sexual assault due to a failed rights advisement reports the Blatimore Sun here.

Navy has established a consolidated disposition authority for non-criminal misconduct arising from the Glen Defense Marine Asia scandal (or as we call it Fat Leonard-gate) reports Navy Times here.

A Navy environmental sturdy in Naples may help prosecute Italian mob figures acc used of dumping toxic waste. Stripes coverage here.

LTG Craig Franklin, a central figure in much of the 2013 sexual assault issues in our recent Top 10 list, will give up a star to retire immediately reports Air Force Times here.

Afghan President Karzai still plans to release potentially dangerous prisoners reports WaPo here, and potentially impacting the long term security agreement between the US and Afghans. Prior coverage here.

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  1. Ama Goste says:

    Charges now dismissed, per WaPo.