The Senate is currently debating further reforms to the UCMJ, including the Gillibrand and McCaskill bills (discussed here). Live video on the Senate’s website here, and video of the day’s full session at C-SPAN here.

Brigadier General Sinclair is pleading guilty to nine specifications of three charges. According to this story:

Sinclair faces eight charges that enumerate 23 allegations of wrongdoing.

He proposes to plead guilty to three of the eight charges, admitting nine of the 23 allegations of wrongdoing, according to Scheff.

Sinclair’s planned guilty pleas include adultery with the captain, engaging in an inappropriate relationship with the captain, having inappropriate (but nonphysical) relationships with two other female Army officers, and possession of pornography in violation of Army orders in Afghanistan.

He also plans to plead guilty to conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman by engaging in sexually explicit communications with the two female officers that he had non-physical inappropriate relationships with – obtaining a nude photo of one – and of attempting to have an inappropriate relationship with a fourth female officer.

And Sinclair will plead guilty to impeding the investigation by deleting a nude photo of a civilian woman and deleting a personal email account, Scheff said.

Sinclair continues to plead not guilty to: committing forcible oral sodomy on his mistress, fondling her genitalia at times when she did not wish to have sexual contact with him, and by committing open and notorious sex acts in public places with the woman

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  1. RKincaid3 says:

    Z: thanks for the links!

  2. CW5 Graves says:

    Now the real question will be – how will his peers judge him?