Lightning strikes twice at Ft.  Hood as a gunmen has alleged shot and killed three people and himself on the base. Report here.

5 Responses to “Another Shooting at a US Military Base”

  1. k fischer says:

    A horrible tragedy, which no amount of PTSD can excuse.  I was watching Morning Joe this morning where Jim Mikla-alphabet was reporting on this story and stated that Lopez was a truck driver in Iraq back in 2011, so he wasn’t a “combat Soldier.”  I couldn’t help wondering how many 88M’s who have been in a convoy hit by an IED and the ensuing gunfire feel like they aren’t combat Soldiers.

  2. RKincaid3 says:

    KF: That peeves me something fierce!  I watch Morning Joe regularly but missed it this morning. But regardless of which channel is involved, the ignorance of the media simply kills me.
    When my brother and I were co-stationed at Camp Victory/Liberty in 2004-5, 88Ms were seen in his TMC daily for injuries sustained on the road—seen almost as often as the infantry guys. And in many cases, people who were NOT 88Ms were cross trained to fill the 88M position to make up for the shortage. 
    I am so disappointed that before the news hounds, safely ensconced in the shelter and protection afforded by the military so often speak so fervently about that which they are so ignorant.
    Idiots.  I might have to find another Morning Joe Show to watch now–but they are all as ignorant, so I might be left with nothing to watch.

  3. Bill Cassara says:

    Some talking head today was saying he had spoken to someone stationed at Fort Campbell, TN.  Another one said “the military no longer has marines guarding all their bases like they used to.”   And of course how often to they refer to marines as soldiers?  It is maddening. 

  4. Neutron73 says:

    So people who served in Iraq or Afghanistan , subjected to IEDs, IDF, and so on, but aren’t “infantry” aren’t “combat soldiers”?  WTF, Media?  I guess those troops’ wounds mean less, then.

  5. k fischer says:

    The scary thing is that Jim Mikla-alphabet seems to be the best educated talking head regarding stories involving the DoD.  At least they didn’t have Senator Gillibrand on to educate America on the Uniformed Military Code of Conduct.