The September 10, 2014, version of the Military Judges’ Benchbook is available on the Army Trial Judiciary’s website here (you may have to scroll down significantly to see the page content). You can also use this direct link to download the 5 MB PDF from the Army site.

Thanks to reader T for the tip.

3 Responses to “Army publishes revised version of the Military Judges’ Benchbook”

  1. Navin Johnson says:

    The new Benchbook is here!  The new benchbook is here!  Things are going to start happening now.

  2. Brian lc says:

    I would not rely on the published version.  If it is not already out of date, it soon will be.  The Army Trial Judiciary’s website has a link to the electronic benchbook (with versions for all services) that contains updates well before they are “published.” 
    Changes are constantly suggested and adopted, but as you can see, not exactly published regularly.  This is likely the version your judge is using.
    (May require CAC)

  3. Zachary D Spilman says:

    There are a number of links on the right sidebar of this blog. One of the categories is titled Military Justice Research. The fourth link down in that category goes to the Army Judiciary’s Benchbook website that contains the current official version and all of the approved interim updates. That site is accessible from the public internet and without a CAC (though, as mentioned in the post above, you may have to scroll way down to see the content). The link in the comment by Brian lc does not appear to be accessible to the public.

    The Army Trial Judiciary publishes approved interim updates to the Benchbook on that public site. It also periodically publishes an unofficial version of the Benchbook that contains all approved interim updates (to my knowledge the last unofficial version was published on June 25, 2014). 

    My recommendation to practitioners is to treat the Benchbook like any hard copy legal publication: Start with the pocket part (the approved interim updates) and work forward to the last official version.