That’s the title of my most recent contribution to the LexisNexis Emerging Issues Analysis in Military Law series, available here.

Note: This item is not available to the public for free. However, I believe that most military attorneys have access to it at no cost through service-provided research tools. I do not receive a percentage of any sales of this analysis.

8 Responses to “Consent and Mistake of Fact as to Consent: Defenses to Adult Sexual Offenses under the UCMJ”

  1. Charlie Dunlap says:

    Zach,  Excellent job!  We really needed to have this…am still digesting, but – wow – nice work!  Congrats!!!!  Charlie

  2. RKincaid3 (RK3PO) says:

    Hmmm….apparently that document is not available to me under my JAGCNET Lexus Account.  Lexus specifically tells me it is not.  Bummer…
    In any event, Congrats, ZS!

  3. Zachary D Spilman says:

    I’m disappointed (and surprised) that it’s not available through the Army’s subscription. Is anyone else in the Army JAG Corps having similar difficulty?

  4. AFJAG says:

    @Zachary Spilman–For what it’s worth–I just downloaded it no problem from the Air Force’s Lexis-Nexis subscription service.

  5. Matt says:

    If I clicked on the link it would not allow me to access the article without paying.  But when I separately logged into my military lexis account and copied and pasted your name and the title into the search field, it came right up. Great article BTW!

  6. Zachary D Spilman says:

    For those having trouble accessing the analysis from a military Lexis account, try using the following citation: 2014 Emerging Issues 7277.

  7. ResIpsaLoquitur says:

    Hmmmm, how does one go about submitting to Emerging Issues?  I’ve written a paper I might like to submit there (if I don’t hear back from the AF or Army Law Reviews first).

  8. RKincaid3 (RK3PO) says:

    Thanks, all.  Will try it now!