Speculation abounds over what the Army will do with the Bergdahl case.  See coverage here (Killeen Daily Herald) and here (Killeen Daily Herald coming to the opposite conclusion) to link a few. Prior coverage here, here, and here. For those in Taliban custody for the last year, Sergeant Bergdahl was returned to US forces in May 2014 from Taliban/Al Queada custody in a prisoner swap of sorts, see coverage here (NYT) and here (WSJ).  But most of the coverage of the swap for Bergdahl, see e.g. WaPo here, focused on the fact that Bergdahl allegedly walked off his post in Afghanistan before being captured by insurgents.

Military Times coverage of the FY2015 NDAA changes to military justice, here, still misinterpreting the 26,000 estimate in DoD reports. I know people at Military Times read this blog. C’mon man, try to at least describe it correctly.

AF Staff Sergeant Sean Oliver goes on trial Monday, Jan. 12, 2015 for the alleged premeditated murder of AFN reporter Petty Officer 2d Class Dmitry Chepusov, S&S report here. Oliver faces LWOP for pre-med murder rather than the death penalty after the military made concessions on the DP to o rain evidence from German investigators. Oliver was arrested by German authorities with Chepusov’s body in the passenger seat of his car. Prior coverage here and here.

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