In this post last month, I announced that I updated our Microsoft Word document of the UCMJ to include the most recent changes. This is an annual project of mine. The document is available here: UCMJ.

But I’m revisiting the topic now because I discovered an error in the version that I posted last month. As part of this year’s update, I added the 2006 and pre-2006 versions of Article 120 to the document (because I use the document myself, and I often need to reference these older versions). Unfortunately, in the section captioned as the 2006 version of Article 120, the text was the current (2012) version. I’ve now corrected this mistake.

So, if any of our three readers downloaded the Word document in the past month, please download it again. I also hope to publish an online version sometime this year.

And if anyone identifies any other errors (even typographical), please drop me a note at

2 Responses to “2015 UCMJ in Word”

  1. Dew_Process says:

    Thank you Zach!!

  2. Donkey Shins says:

    Quite an endeavor and much appreciated.