Thanks to a Commenter, we now have the rescission of the order (here) that MC judges move to Gitmo until the cases are completed.

5 Responses to “Judge Pohl and KSM Won’t be Roomies”

  1. Charlie Gittins says:

    Well, having been an AO in the Office of the SecDef (USP) in the days of yore, that is just about as fast as you can move a piece of paper to get DepSecDef approval. 

  2. Monday Morning QB says:

    Having trod that rock that resembles Camp Pendleton, Judge Pohl likely gets to stay in one of the “condos” up toward the north gate, out by where the Camp X Ray ruins still stand.  Not bad digs for GITMO if you can get them, and just a short drive from that awesome NEX they have there.  The problem is, you can drive the circuit on base in about 20 minutes.  Nobody can be blamed for not wanting to be there any longer than two weeks at a time.  One starts to get stir crazy.

  3. Advocaat says:

    And I would describe it as a rescission and a b**ch slap of the Office of the Convening Order–OUCH!

  4. Advocaat says:

    Convening Authority, that is.

  5. RKincaid3 (RK3PO) says:

    Yes!!  Great decision and order!!