Today I discovered (the hard way) that CAAF suffered some sort of technical difficulty with its audio recording system during Tuesday’s oral arguments in Ward and Nettles. Both files are of incredibly poor quality.

However, I was able to enhance them significantly, such that you can hear the arguments relatively well. Those enhanced recordings are available (in mp3 format) at the following links:

United States v. Ward, No. 15-0059/NA (CAAFlog case page): Oral argument audio.

United States v. Nettles, No. 14-0754/AF (CAAFlog case page): Oral argument audio.

4 Responses to “Enhanced CAAF argument audio: Ward and Nettles”

  1. Weirick says:

    So much better. Spilman’s talents and abilities are limitless. 

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for posting Zach – I was struggling to make out the some of the judges’ questions in the original.

  3. Michael Lowrey says:

    Yes, thanks to Zach for cleaning up the audio quality — much easier to understand. And a quick comment: Oral argument didn’t go very well for the government in Nettles. The claim that Nettles and 1,000 or so others were still in the reserves because the government ran out of a certain type of paper to print a pretty certificate on just didn’t sit well with the court.

  4. Mad Skills says:

    The government’s incompetence knows no bounds.