Audio of today’s oral arguments at CAAF is available at the following links:

United States v. Murphy, No. 14-0767/AR (CAAFlog case page): Oral argument audio.

United States v. Stellato, No. 15-0315/AR (CAAFlog case page): Oral argument audio.

United States v. Schloff, No. 15-0294/AR (CAAFlog case page): Oral argument audio.

2 Responses to “CAAF argument audio: Murphy, Stellato, and Schloff”

  1. Phil Cave says:

    “The statute is messy” or words to that effect.
    We have some bad optics here, are we going to tell prosecutors that “such gamesmanship” is OK, or words to that effect.  My sense it they have decided that the TC in Stellato had a duty, now what . . . . 

  2. Tami a/k/a Princess Leia says:

    Really enjoyed listening to Judge Stuckey in Stellato.  “The government didn’t have custody of the box, but had custody of knowledge of the box.”