No. 15-0742/AF & 15-0750/AF. United States, Appellee/Cross-Appellant v. Kevin Gay, Appellant/Cross – Appellee. CCA 385525.
No. 16-0053/AF. U.S. v. Shelby L. Williams. CCA 38454.
No. 16-0054/AF. U.S. v. Gavin B. Atchak. CCA 38526.
No. 16-0091/AR. U.S. v. Djoulou K. Caldwell. CCA 20140425.

In view of the existence of a vacant position on the Court, notice is hereby given that the Chief Judge has called upon Senior Judge Walter T. Cox III to perform judicial duties in the above referenced cases, and that Senior Judge Cox has consented to perform judicial duties in said cases under Article 142(e)(1)(A)(ii), Uniform Code of Military Justice, 10 U.S.C. § 942(e)(1)(A)(ii)(2012).

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