From CAAF’s daily journal for February 16:

No. 16-0339/AR. Robert B. Bergdahl, Appellant v. United States, Appellee. CCA 20160073. Notice is hereby given that a writ-appeal petition for review of the decision of the United States Army Court of Criminal Appeals on a petition for a writ of prohibition to stay the proceedings was filed under Rule 27(b) on this date.

For those keeping score, this is Bergdahl’s fourth trip to¬†Judiciary Square. The first, second, and third were all unsuccessful.

One Response to “Another Bergdahl writ-appeal”

  1. charlie gittins says:

    Well, I would not blame Fidell for going the Writ route.  I have used the Extraordinary Relief route a couple of times successfully — McKinney and Schmidt — and both times my clients (and, frankly, military justice) benefitted greatly from the effort.