From CAAF’s daily journal for February 16:

No. 16-0339/AR. Robert B. Bergdahl, Appellant v. United States, Appellee. CCA 20160073. Notice is hereby given that a writ-appeal petition for review of the decision of the United States Army Court of Criminal Appeals on a petition for a writ of prohibition to stay the proceedings was filed under Rule 27(b) on this date.

For those keeping score, this is Bergdahl’s fourth trip to Judiciary Square. The first, second, and third were all unsuccessful.

One Response to “Another Bergdahl writ-appeal”

  1. charlie gittins says:

    Well, I would not blame Fidell for going the Writ route.  I have used the Extraordinary Relief route a couple of times successfully — McKinney and Schmidt — and both times my clients (and, frankly, military justice) benefitted greatly from the effort.