The Washington Post has made a significant disclosure in the ongoing case of Marine Major Mark Thompson (CAAFlog news page), who faces a second general court-martial after he invited the Post to look into his case: It published the audio of the final interview between Thompson and the Post reporter.

During a 45-minute interview in January — previously excerpted and now published in full online — reporter John Woodrow Cox showed Thompson copies of the text messages he uncovered and repeatedly asked Thompson why he had lied about Stadler’s late-night visit to his Annapolis home during her graduation weekend.

“I simply had to,” Thompson said in the recorded interview. “When they were coming after me for 41 years, I can’t begin to say, you know, how terrifying that is.”

If he’d been convicted of the rape charge, he might have faced a sentence that long. During the interview, Thompson continued to maintain that he had not had sex with either woman and offered more explanation for not divulging the text messages.

“If I were to say, acknowledge that I thought they were flirtatious, that moved me on the scale closer towards, well, it was probably a relationship,” he said. “So I avoided anything that looked like it could be unduly familiar or flirtatious.”

When Cox again pressed Thompson on why he’d lied, the Marine asserted that he was “never questioned” about his final encounter with Stadler. The reporter reminded Thompson that he had been asked about it both at the administrative hearing and “multiple times” by The Post.

“I simply wanted to distance myself,” Thompson said, “from anything that would look like there was more familiarity than there was.”

Article here. Audio here.

The audio is somewhat difficult to understand because of background noise.

The article also discusses one of the charges against Major Thompson: that he engaged in conduct unbecoming in violation of Article 133 by misleading the Post reporter.

7 Responses to “Washington Post publishes 45 minutes of Thompson audio”

  1. The Silver Fox says:

    Minute mark 18 is where it turns into pure gold.  The silence is deafening.  

  2. Weirick says:

    Trying to remember the name of that Marine who lied to Congress about attending TBS.

  3. Concerned Defender says:

    And if only the DOJ and FBI were as concerned about dishonesty, lying under oath, public officials lying to the people, and other trivial things like national security, safeguarding TS documents, following rules….
    Regarding Thompson, the last time I saw someone snatch defeat out of the jaw of victory like this was fleeing a secure Iraq and handing it over to the enemy.  What a blunder!  And Thompson’s was a blunder too!

  4. Concerned Defender says:

    In seriousness, I haven’t bothered looking, but wonder if there is any precedent of unwinding Double Jeopardy when there is proof from the accused that his acquittal was based upon fraud/lies?  Anyone know off hand?

  5. Charlie Gittins says:

    Weirick:  I  think his name was Jim Anus.

  6. DCGoneGalt says:

    Mr. Gittins:  Now that right there is funny.

  7. Matt says:

    CD:  No.  The government has the responsibility of getting its ducks in a row before beginning the prosecution.  For instance, if they had obtained the cell phone back then this would have been a different story.  However, this is why perjury, witness tampering, obstruction of justice charges, etc exist.