The Silver CAAF Tongue award, while lacking physical manifestation, is a life-changing honor bestowed upon the counsel who argued the most cases at CAAF during the term. Past winners can be seen here.

The 2015 Term winner is Mr. Gerald “Roger” Bruce. Mr. Bruce is a retired Air Force Colonel employed as the associate division chief of the Air Force Government Trial and Appellate Counsel Division, Air Force Legal Operations Agency (AFLOA/JAJG). Mr. Bruce argued three cases before CAAF this term:

  • United States v. LaBella, 75 M.J. 52 (C.A.A.F. Dec. 11, 2015) (CAAFlog case page),
  • United States v. Williams, 75 M.J. 244 (C.A.A.F. May 3, 2016) (CAAFlog case page), and
  • United States v. Witt, 75 M.J. 380, No. 15-0260/AF (C.A.A.F. Jul. 19, 2016) (CAAFlog case page).

Of those three cases, the Government won one (LaBella).

Congratulations to Mr. Bruce!

2 Responses to “Roger Bruce wins the 2015 Term Silver CAAF Tongue”

  1. Vulture says:

    He should have an asterisk by his name for arguing both sides of every issue.

  2. Passing By says:

    Hey, some years a .333 average will win you a batting title.