Audio of today’s oral arguments at CAAF is available at the following links:

United States v. Reese, No. 17-0028/CG (CAAFlog case page): Oral argument audio.

United States v. Hendrix, No. 16-0731/AR (CAAFlog case page): Oral argument audio.

7 Responses to “CAAF Argument Audio: Reese & Hendrix”

  1. Scott says:

    Judge Ryan to CG GOV Counsel: “You guys don’t try many cases, but they all seem to be a mess.”

  2. k fischer says:

    I wish I could insert a 3 second clip of Chris Tucker and Ice Cube from “Friday” in reply to your post.

  3. Scott says:

  4. JL says:

    What a hot mess.  I don’t think the Gov Counsel understood her case at all, she seemed confused throughout her argument.

  5. DCGoneGalt says:

    Probably feels less embarrassing if you just don’t know your case.  

  6. k fischer says:

    I wouldn’t know.  I could barely hear her.  Do they wear puffy shirts in the Coast Guard? 

  7. k fischer says:

    Just so, nobody thinks I am critiquing the GAD counsel adversely on the substance of her argument, from what I could hear, I am quite sure she did a far better job than I could have done.  But, that goes for any Appellate attorney……or 1st year law student, even.  Reese’s attorney did a fine job, as well.
    Hendrix was really interesting, too.