Here is a job announcement for the position of Navy Defense Counsel Assistance Program Complex and Sexual Assault Litigation Highly Qualified Expert (HQE).

The HQE program is authorized by 5 U.S.C. § 9903 to hire civilian employees “from outside the civil service and uniformed services . . . to positions in the Department of Defense without regard to any provision of this title governing the appointment of employees to positions in the Department of Defense.” Appointments under the HQE program are limited by paragraph (c) of the statute to 5 years, except that an appointment may be extended “by up to 1 additional year if the Secretary determines that such action is necessary to promote the Department of Defense’s national security missions.”

DoD policy is that:

HQEs shall be appointed to bring enlightened thinking and innovation to advance the DoD national security mission. HQEs are a temporary infusion of talent and provide non-permanent support for short-term endeavors.

DoDI 1400.25, V922, ¶ 4.a.

5 Responses to “Navy DCAP seeks a HQE”

  1. Eminem says:

    The desired qualifications and 15 day hiring period make me suspect this may be a part of the “no O-6 left behind” program, or that at the very least they have somebody specific in mind.

  2. stewie says:

    I know Army DCAP has had great success utilizing retiring/retired former judge advocates. If you can find an O6 that broke the “broadly skilled” pattern to make it to O6, then that crim law experience is pretty darn valuable.

  3. charlie gittins says:

    Eminem:  My reaction exactly.  They have their man/woman.  They are just going through the hoops to make it look like it was offered in accordance with the law/regulations.

  4. stewie says:

    Well, if it’s a good/right man/woman, then good for them.

  5. k fischer says:

    If the Army opened a slot for a DCAP HQE based at Ft. Benning, then I might be available.