Here is Navy Times coverage of LCDR Lin’s plea deal. In what was an espionage case — it now becomes something much less, per Navy Times:

The Navy has dropped espionage charges against Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin, part of a plea bargain agreement with the government that will result in the accused spy pleading guilty to a slate of lesser charges. 

Lin, who initially faced more than 30 years in the brig for allegations of spying for Taiwan and other misconduct, will plead guilty to lesser charges of communicating defense information, as well as multiple counts of disobeying lawful orders for mishandling classified information, lying on his leave chits about his travel and not reporting foreign contacts. 

One Response to “LCDR Lin Reaches Plea Deal in Former Espionage Court-Martial”

  1. Charlie Gittins says:

    This case always felt overblown.  With the time he has spent in the brig in PTC, he won’t spend much time there post trial for a bunch of orders violations.