Congratulations to Dwight Sullivan (founder of this blog) and Eugene Fidell on publication of the 16th Edition of their Guide to the Rules of Practice and Procedure for the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

3 Responses to “16th Edition of the CAAF Rules Guide now available”

  1. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Thanks for the kind notice.  Please allow me to clarify my role in starting this blog.  I was one of several co-founders, along with Mike “No Man” Navarre, Marcus “Kabul Klipper” Fulton, and Jason “Super Muppet of Appellate Advocacy” Grover.  It was Marcus who gave the blog its name.  The four of us used to trade emails when CAAF opinions would come out; the blog started as basically a platform to share those emails with the public.  It’s gratifying that the blog has survived this long, thanks to you and a loyal readership.
    Semper Fi,

  2. Lone Bear says:

    Col(ret) Sullivan, Zach, and crew, thanks so much for the hard work on the blog!  As a trial attorney this blog was essential while I was figuring out how to access, read, and digest CAAF and CCA cases, and it is still my go-to resource in staying sharp and current on the state of military law.  One of my biggest professional fears in life is that this blog teeters out, and I’m always nervous when a few days go by without a post.  Please keep up the great work!!

  3. Michael Korte says:

    Though my resource for staying sharp has always been the User Comments section of any article on an active Court-martial, I otherwise echo the above.* Great work and thanks all for your contributions.  For those wondering, “Can you really put a price on not feeling the pain of running afoul of CAAF rules?” the answer, apparently, is “$188.”

    *Not really.