Happened upon this while visiting Clarksville, Tenn. A thank you to the prosecution shop Sergeant for offering to show us the courtroom. But we didn’t take her up on it because US v. Morales was going on and Son of No Man and I were not dressed for the occasion.


9 Responses to “JAGC Tourism – Ft. Campbell”

  1. Dwight Sullivan says:

    [STANDARD DISCLAIMER:  This comment is offered in my personal capacity and shouldn’t be imputed to anyone or any thing else.]
    No Man, you do some serious military justice sightseeing.  Who can forget your visits to the Dolly Sods area?  http://www.caaflog.com/2013/01/22/a-special-post-from-judge-baker/?hilite=%22dolly%22
    And that’s some seriously large lettering at the Fort Campbell Courthouse, er FORT CAMPBELL COURTHOUSE.

  2. k fischer says:

    Military justice sightseeing?  I thought No Man was doing a tour of places made famous in song.  Like he might have travelled to Clarksville to see when the last train was that arrived there, or to the UK to count how many holes are in the road to Blackburn, Lancanshire, or to Greenwich Village to see how much the current rent is on Bleecker Street, or to Detroit so they could stay in room 206 at the hotel on 4020 Lafayette Blvd.
    I can’t imagine what military justice sightseeing is to sightseeing……..sounds like a snail crawling along the edge of a straight razor….

  3. Charlie Gittins says:

    I tried a murder case there.  I hate that courthouse.

  4. Alfonso Decimo says:

    The whole façade is clearly cheesy. Back in the days of the car-phone, I knew a guy who would pretend to be on the phone in his car, holding a regular, disconnected phone up to his ear. That’s what comes to mind when I see this photo. Cheesy.


  5. Alfonso Decimo says:

    FisherKing – Maybe if Gordon Gekko were holding an actual brick covered in cardboard painted to look like a mobile phone, then I would agree. – Al X

  6. Bigtime Prosecutor says:

    A lot of dreams crushed and justice done in that courthouse right there…

  7. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    OFL (Ret) — Can you believe the littlest SoNM (pictured) is now 10? We need to grab lunch next week.

  8. G's Pancake House says:

    Bigtime, I remember that place fondly as an acquittal factory. Agree to disagree.