Four years ago an Air Force lieutenant colonel who was the chief of the service’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office was accused of sexual assault. The NBC story we referenced in this post isn’t on the web anymore, but here’s a report from another source about the accusation.

The sexual assault charges were eventually dropped, and other charges ended with an acquittal, but the meme economy made the case infamous (link is to YouTube video that’s still plenty relevant).

Today, Craig Whitlock of the Washington Post reports here (backup here) that:

The Army is grappling with a resurgence of cases in which troops responsible for preventing sexual assault have been accused of rape and related crimes, undercutting the Pentagon’s claims that it is making progress against sexual violence in the ranks.

In the most recent case, an Army prosecutor in charge of sexual assault investigations in the Southwest was charged by the military last month with putting a knife to the throat of a lawyer he had been dating and raping her on two occasions, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

Additionally, a soldier at Fort Sill, Okla., who was certified as a sexual-assault-prevention officer was convicted at a court-martial in May of five counts of raping a preteen girl.

Army officials confirmed to The Post that eight other soldiers and civilians trained to deter sex offenses or help victims have been investigated over the past year in connection with sexual assault. The Army would not provide details, saying that many of the investigations are pending.

7 Responses to “The Army’s sexual assault response has a sexual assault problem”

  1. k fischer says:

    Re: the SVP suing his false accuser for defamation
    Disclaimer: My use of the term “false accuser” to describe the complaining witness is the only way I know to highlight that the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty, so the correct presumption would be that the allegations are false.  I notice that the Washington Post gave it’s standard disclaimer that they “do not name victims of sexual assault,” which presumes this Army Lawyer was raped multiple times in accordance with what she said by this other Army Lawyer who is merely a Captain, notwithstanding their dating relationship.  If, in fact, this allegation is false, which one would have to presume if you believed in the presumption of innocence, then the SVP would be the actual legitimate victim, whose victimhood has been exacerbated in that his name has been printed by a National Newspaper one may purchase at any airport kiosk across the country.
    I have represented far too many innocent men falsely accused by women of sexual crimes they did not commit.  The one thing that they all have in common after they meet with me, speak to me, are vetted by me, and retain me is that they ask one simple question:  Can I sue her for defamation?
    Georgia has some really weird defamation laws regarding venue, the SOL is only one year, and there is an absolute privilege (like most jurisdictions) for allegations made during a court hearing, so I have not been able to file that lawsuit, yet.  But, I am glad to see this SVP fight to clear his name.
    So, has Craig Whitlock ever taken a story or reported on a Serviceman who has been falsely accused of a sexual assault and got Nifong’d?  Because that would be a great story.  But, seeing how every story he authored that I’ve read seems to be slanted to make the military look weak on sexual assault, I highly doubt one exists.

  2. EmmanuelGoldstein says:

    K fischer: Let me get this straight. A former Special Victim Prosecutor is being defending by another former Special Victim Prosecutor after another JAG accused the former Special Victim Prosecutor of sexual assault.  The accuser may have a Special Victim Counsel representing her, and the current Special Victim Prosecutor prosecuting the former Special Victim Prosecutor will have to go through the Special Victim Counsel to talk to her.  I guess no one could say it better than Dana Carvey:  “Well…………….isn’t that special!!!!!”

  3. k fischer says:

    Hey Goldfarb, 
    Here’s what happened when people got about halfway through reading your post.  

  4. Bill Cassara says:

    K Fischer:  The presumption of innocence?  That’s just crazy talk right there.

  5. k fischer says:

    Billy C./Manny G, 
    That is all a wild and crazy special kind of special.

  6. Special says:

    The falsely accused SVP was the defense counsel was Muwwakkil:
    Embarrass the JAG Corps and they will find a way to get you. 

  7. Special says:

    *for Muwwakkil