This post from early-2016 discussed how the Army CCA’s website and the Army JAG Corps Network website were inaccessible from the public internet (but accessible within the .mil domain) due to Army network security issues. The inaccessibility persisted until May, and the issue got an honorable mention in the Top Ten Military Justice Stories of 2016.

The problem is back.

These Army sites are currently inaccessible from the public internet, but are accessible from within the .mil domain. Because reasons.

The Air Force CCA, Coast Guard CCA, Navy-Marine Corps CCA, CAAF, SCOTUS, and Russian Supreme Court websites all work fine.

15 Responses to “Army JAG sites inaccessible to the public (again)”

  1. Sir Visdis Crediting says:

    Did the Army stop publishing the Military Law Review and the Army Lawyer? There is only one available issue of the MLR for 2017 and the last issue of the Army Lawyer was for August.

  2. Javert says:

    Which means they’re inaccessible from the JAG School.  Brilliant. 

  3. Former DC says:

    Two points to Zack for checking the Russian Supreme Court.  The Supreme Peoples Court of the People’s Republic of China is up too, complete with an English language page: .  Sad.

  4. Bill Cassara says:

    I blame Putin.

  5. Joseph Wilkinson says:

    Current announcement at JAGCNET: “Access to both the public and private portions of JAGCNet will require Common Access Card (CAC) authentication to access while website maintenance and cybersecurity upgrades are ongoing.  For the time being, you will not be able to access JAGCNet (public) without the use of your CAC.  We are working to remedy the situation and will post something as soon as there are any changes.”  

  6. Zachary D Spilman says:

    That announcement seems to be doubly wrong, Joseph Wilkinson.

    I’m told that users on the DoD network can access the CCA’s website (public portion of JAGCNet) without a CAC.

    I’m also told (and can confirm by personal experience) that nobody outside the DoD network can access any part of JAGCNet, with or without a CAC.

  7. Joseph Wilkinson says:

    But regardless, it suggests that this is a temporary thing resulting from website maintenance, which will end when the maintenance is done.  Maybe even the Russians have to do that occasionally.

  8. stewie says:

    Crooked Hillary strikes again!

  9. Tami a/k/a Princess Leia says:

    But I’m sure they’ll find a way to blame Trump for this.

  10. stewie says:

    Nah, we all know Trump is all about masterful efficiency and organization.

  11. DCGoneGalt says:

    Trump, Hillary, and Putin combined can’t create a FUBAR like the DOD can do to itself.  We have met the enemy and he is us.

  12. Tami a/k/a Princess Leia says:

    The same people who created “The Invisible War” and “The Hunting Ground” will do a documentary about it and we’ll be forced to watch it.

  13. J.M. says:

    If you have even one drink, you cannot consent to using a cac reader.

  14. James M Branum says:

    It won’t help with an up-to-date docket calendar, but it does look like has these pages saved:

  15. D K says:

    It’s not only the JAG sites that are doing this. The Army medical readiness sites also have this problem.