Audio of today’s oral arguments at CAAF is available at the following links:

United States v. Carpenter, No. 0476/AF (CAAFlog case page): Oral argument audio. (link fixed)

United States v. Mooney, No. 17-0405/AF (CAAFlog case page): Oral argument audio.

3 Responses to “CAAF Argument Audio: Carpenter & Mooney”

  1. David says:

    Where is audio file?

  2. k fischer says:

    If you have the new version of windows, it is probably being downloaded at the bottom left corner of your screen.  I listened to Carpenter.  It was quite good.  So, will they decide that since the issue wasn’t briefed at trial it was waived or forfeited, or are they going to find that the MJ should have admitted the evidence because it was relevant for mistake of fact.  It sounded like they were busting the chops of the appellants’ counsel, but then they held the Government’s feet to the fire, as well.  By the tenor of their comments and questions to the Government, it sounded like there was some eye rolling going on concurrently with the question and/or comment.

  3. k fischer says:

    You can listen to carpenter at this link: