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15 Responses to “2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial”

  1. DCGoneGalt says:

    Perhaps all these UCMJ changes are just pushed by the contractors who print the hard copy UCMJ to ensure there are new editions every 1-2 years?  
    Probably not.  But maybe the reason you have never of heard this idea is because the Military-Industrial Printing Complex controls the media (including CAAFLOG), too.  

  2. Comrade Appellate Lawyer says:

    I heard that half the people who comment on CAAFLOG are Russian operatives

  3. Tami a/k/a Princess Leia says:

    Watch No Way Out with Kevin Kostner.

  4. DCGoneGalt says:


  5. DCGoneGalt says:

    Speaking of Costner . . . 
    Saulter Goodman As Kevin Costner
    Did Saul commit an Art 120 offense by using his “advocacy” skills?

  6. DCGoneGalt says:

    Correction:  Saul Goodman

  7. Russian Troll says:

    Russian trolls were planning on spreading chaos within the U.S. Military by propagating a fake news campaign about the military justice system, but congress and the media preempted the planned trolling by beating them to it.

  8. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    So when’s the last time there was a pardon in a military case?  I’m sure there’s been one; I just don’t recall it.  Looks like it’s time for the Navy to dust off Article 75 and RCM 1208.
    Kind regards,

  9. AFDCAO says:

    CS – Chelsea Manning.

  10. Nathan Freeburg says:

    nope, Manning was a commutation. 

  11. Nathan Freeburg says:

    With that said, this was a federal case not a court martial. 

  12. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    Was Saucier not a court-martial?  If not, my mistake.  I had just assumed so.

  13. Nathan Freeburg says:

    no and I don’t know why