The websites for CAAF and the Air Force CCA (that are hosted on the same server) are currently down.

Update (May 4, 2018): Access restored.

7 Responses to “CAAF and AFCCA site outage”

  1. Philip D. Cave says:

    And the Army pubs site is down again for certificate problems.

  2. Bill Cassara says:

    At least the ACCA site is working. Oh. Wait. Never mind.

  3. DCGoneGalt says:

    Air Force CCA down, too.  

  4. Tami a/k/a Princess Leia says:

    ACCA’s been down for months, at least the public access.

  5. Philip D. Cave says:

    So the Army is continuing to have “certificate” problems.
    But I realized today that using the Firefox browser instead of Chrome you can get into the publications such as Army Lawyer.  Unlike Chrome, Firefox allows you to create an “exception” to the Army’s bad certificate.  Still can’t get ACCA though.
    Anyone remember the last time NMCCA went down?

  6. Nathan Freeburg says:

    You can configure Chrome to ignore certificate errors:
    I think that’s true of every browser.  The bigger problem is why the heck is the Army issuing it’s own certificate that no one else recognizes?  
    The JAGCNET issue is a separate one where they have simply blocked access from the internet (only access from government domains is enabled).  It’s kind of hilarious that JARO works through facebook now.

  7. PJ says:

    Install the DOD Root certificates using the instructions at:
    Your certificate errors will go away.  Most DOD websites issue their own certificates and none of the browsers automatically trust the DOD Root.