In the wake of the Chief of Naval Operations ordering a review of the leadership and performance of the Navy JAG Corps (discussed here and here), on Wednesday the Secretary of the Navy signed a memo ordering comprehensive reviews of both the Navy and Marine Corps legal communities.

SECNAV’s memo is available here. It states, in part:

I expect these reviews to provide detailed recommendations with respect to revising any relevant statutory and regulatory authorities, policies, resourcing, and any corrective actions necessary. The scope of this comprehensive review includes: legal community training and professional development; organization and command relationships including oversight; efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery oflegal services; sufficiency of staffing levels; and evaluation of career progression. This will include any potential effect of the Military Justice Act of 2016, which began implementation in January 2019. The reviews may expand to encompass any matter deemed appropriate that is directly related to the organization, leadership oversight, and performance of the Navy and Marine Corps legal communities. However, the reviews shall not review or make recommendations regarding substantive matters of military law including the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The memo explains that this review is separate from the review ordered by the CNO and from an ongoing Center for Naval Analysis review of the Marine Corps legal community:

Additionally, reference (e) highlights the existence of prior Navy Judge Advocate General tasking by the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO). The Navy review should consider the work the Navy JAG is doing as a result of CNO’s prior tasking, but should not duplicate or replace that effort. The Marine Corps review should consider the Center for Naval Analysis efforts to analyze the Marine Corps legal community, but not duplicate or replace that effort.

7 Responses to “SECNAV orders a review of the Navy and Marine Corps legal communities”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully the SECAF does the same.

  2. Tommy says:

    Does anyone know if they are bringing in outside legal counsel to conduct the investigation or using the NAVY civilian OGC to conduct the review?

  3. Fisch says:

    Sounds like the Secretary of the Air Force should order a review of the Air Force, as well, if there are too many cases like the one in this dismissal order with prejudice.  (Ouch!)

  4. Well Duh says:

    what is the current active duty reaction?  Are people actually concerned, or is this just going to be an annoying bit of paperwork with no real change?

  5. Clubber says:

    DOJ for the purpose of prosecution is required.

  6. Clubber says:

    Clarity. DOJ prosecution of government officials who engaged in misconduct. 

  7. Clarification regarding "Fisch" says:

    The user “Fisch” above is NOT LT Jacob M. Fisch.
    I do not know the identity of that user, but it is not me.
    Thank you, 
    LT Jacob M. Fisch