Audio of today’s oral argument at CAAF is available at the following links:

United States v. Hennis, No. 17-0263/AR (CAAFlog case page): Part 1 (wma)(mp3); Part 2 (wma)(mp3)

Note: CAAF posted the audio in two parts. Part one contains Appellant’s initial argument, after which there was a ten-minute break. Part two contains the Government Division’s argument and Appellant’s rebuttal argument.

The audio is also available on our oral argument audio podcast (as a single file with quality improvements).

3 Responses to “CAAF Argument Audio: Hennis”

  1. B. Verecker says:

    CAAF seems open to reversing on the PJ issue.  This case is interesting and perplexing.  To anyone in the know, why on Earth did the defense throw out the idea of consensual sex with a deployed airmen’s wife…to a panel full of soldiers who have deployed a ton over the years?  

  2. Fisch says:

    I have no connection to the case, but I think it was probably because Hennis’ DNA was found in the victim’s rape kit and the penalty for adultery is far less than the mandatory minimum for murder.  If your question is geared more towards why didn’t he go Judge Alone, then the only thing I am going to say is that the case was tried at Bragg.  Who was the military judge?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The case was referred capital, so judge alone wasn’t really an option, was it?