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News of the World, Courtesy of NIMJBlog

I’ve been tied up today, but note that there is some good reading over at NIMJBlog:

“Despite allegations to the contrary by Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings last winter, the DoD Inspector General found that LTG William B. Caldwell IV did not use psychological techniques against visiting political figures and dignitaries who came to war zones under Caldwell’s command.  Here.

Members found SGT Derrick Miller Guilty and sentenced him to the minimum, life with.  Here.

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Miller Guilty in Afghan Death

After short deliberations on both findings and sentence yesterday, a court-martial panel at Ft. Campbell found SGT Derrick Miller guilty of premeditated murder in the death of an Afghan civilian and sentenced him to the mandatory minimum of life with the possibility of parole. 

Premeditated murder is one of the few crimes under the Uniform Code of Military Justice that carries a mandatory minimum.  Most UCMJ crimes have “no punishment” as an option.

Panel Deliberating in Afghan Civilian Death

The court-martial panel has begun its findings deliberations in National Guardsman SGT Derrick Miller’s case at Ft. Campbell.  Miller claims self-defense in last fall’s death of an Afghan civilian.

Miller’s civilian defense counsel is noted attorney Charlie Gittins, who has been recovering from a skydiving incident.

Courts-Martial News for July 26, 2011

Here from the Miami Herald is news that the shooter in the recruiting station shootings in 2009 received LWOP in a plea in an Arkansas courtroom.

More on opening arguments in the SGT Derrick Miller murder trial from AP (via the Kansas City Star) here. AP reports some seemingly damaging testimony Monday from the government’s first witness:

[A] soldier who witnessed the shooting testified Monday that the Afghan man didn’t appear to be a threat. Spc. Charles Miller, a Maryland National Guardsman, told the panel that he gave Sgt. Miller, who isn’t related, his 9mm pistol and was standing nearby during the questioning.”He wasn’t fighting back or arguing,” Spc. Miller said, although he noted the man appeared not to be telling the truth at times.Spc. Miller said he saw Sgt. Miller straddle the Afghan man as he lay on his back.”Sgt. Miller leaned in, stuck the pistol on the side of his head and pulled the trigger,” Spc. Miller said. After the shooting, Spc. Miller said, the sergeant dragged the body to some latrines and handed back the pistol.

Testimony, and presumably cross, resumes Tuesday. We’ll see if the testimony holds up.

Here is a local report that the court-martial on DUI charges for the former MCAS CO begins today.

Court-martial in Afghan Detainee Killing To Start Today

AP reports tht the court-martial of SGT Derrick Miller in the shooting death of an Afghan detainee starts today according to AP reports.  Prio coverage here.  The article is short, so here’s everything:

A U.S. Army National Guardsman from Maryland is scheduled to be tried in a military court at Fort Campbell, Ky., in the shooting death of an Afghan civilian last year.

The court-martial of Sgt. Derrick Anthony Miller is scheduled to begin Monday at the installation on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line.

Miller was a member of a Connecticut National Guard unit that was attached to the 101st Airborne Division when he was accused of shooting Atta Mohammed in the head in September in eastern Afghanistan.

Records from a military investigation say Miller was questioning the man when there was a struggle and Miller shot him in the head. Miller has said in a statement to investigators that he shot the man in self-defense.

In our last report SGT Miller was released from PTC, no word on whether that has changed.

Maryland Guardsman facing a court-martial

The Washington Post reports that an Army National Guardsman is facing a court-martial on a charge of murdering an Afghan civilian in September. Sergeant Derrick Anthony Miller, who has deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan, allegedly shot an unarmed Afghan man in the head at close range. According to the report, Miller had detained the Afghan, Atta Mohammed, for questioning after the man entered a security perimeter. Army prosecutors allege Miller had threatened to shoot Mohammed if he did not cooperate and later did so after the victim became agitated. Miller claims he acted in self-defense.

Miller’s court-martial is scheduled for June 6.

Military Justice News Round Up

The NYT reports on the recently released IG investigation into actions by Marine Corps General James Cartwright, who is widely seen as a front runner to replace ADM Mullen as the CJCS. SecNav Ray Mabus reviewed the investigation, which focused on allegations of fraternization with a female officer on Gen. Cartwright’s staff, and found that no disciplinary or corrective action was warranted.

More details on the court-martial of SGT Derrick Miller for the alleged murder of an Afghan civilian from the WaPo, prior post here. SGT Miller, whose civilian counsel is Charlie Gittins, was released from pre-trial confinement in November. WaPo reports that the trial date is June 6, 2011.