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CAAF’s website has been out since Thursday evening / Friday morning. I sent email to the clerk of court, but the outage is also affecting the court’s email system.

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Just so he doesn’t lose his street cred in the tech community, all the site issues are my fault. Not the Zee Man’s. Hope to fix them tonight.

A few weeks ago I announced a server move and asked readers to report any outages. Fortunately, the move went well and there were no reported issues. Unfortunately, at least one more move is planned as part of continuing improvements designed to make this blog more useful, more user friendly, and more accessible (to people and to search engines). So if you’re have trouble accessing CAAFlog, please send me email to zack {at} (yes, with a “k”).

For those interested in the tech, I’m continuing to refine our site template, we’re now tagged with microdata, and a mobile site is in the works.

We’re happy to introduce a new CAAFlog contributor: Captain Samuel Adams. Sam is a Marine currently assigned as a Special Assistant United States Attorney and Deputy Staff Judge Advocate at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC. He’s going to help us expand our coverage of CCA cases and other new developments in military law. Welcome aboard Sam!

We plan to move CAAFlog to a new server on Saturday night. If you have problems accessing CAAFlog after this weekend, particularly from a government computer, please let me know by email to zack {at} (yes, with a “k”). Thanks.

Readers will see that we can all access the CAAF and AFCCA websites again, and I’m told that updates are pending.

Actually, it’s gotten worse. While all military users used to be able to see a late-August version of the sites, now only Air Force users can see that (so I’m told, at least).

I’ve corresponded with Mr. DeDicco, the CAAF Clerk of Court, but he isn’t able to provide any more information.

Readers may notice that both CAAF and the AFCCA’s websites are down (though users on a government network can access a version of the CAAF website from last week). I’m told that it’s a technical problem of unknown scope and duration, external to the courts. If I learn anything new, I’ll pass it on.

I’ve exported the charts from our reader survey. Click read more if you’re interested.

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Those who use Google Reader know that today is its last day. Considering that our main RSS feed has about 500 subscribers, some of who might be looking for new software, I’ll share my new reader: Feedly

A big thanks to the nearly 600 of you who completed our recent reader survey! Here’s some of what we learned:

  • 87% of you are in the military.
  • Of those in the military, 67% are active duty judge advocates.
  • 26 self-described trial or appellate judges took the survey.
  • A majority of respondents read CAAFlog at least once a day.
  • Practically nobody (<1%) wants us to post less often.
  • A majority of readers joined us in the last three years.
  • 70% of respondents say CAAFlog is your primary source for MilJus news.
  • 67% of respondents read because you like our commentary and analysis.
  • We are either neutral or slightly biased in favor of a defense point of view.
  • Of the ranked features, the Argument Previews and Reader Comments are the least valued.

We also received 119 suggestions of how to improve CAAFlog.

More details to follow.

The CAAFlog Reader Survey will close this week. Thanks to the more than 500 readers who have completed the survey so far!

If you haven’t taken the survey yet, please take a minute to click here and give us your feedback with the 10-question survey.

When the survey is over, I will prepare a writeup sharing what we’ve learned.

If you haven’t done it yet, please click here and take a moment to complete our reader survey.

For the more than 400 readers who have completed the survey, thank you!

And for the curious, here’s a sample of what this survey is teaching us:


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