October 2018 Term of Court

Note: This page may include cases set for argument in the near future.


Cases heard at oral argument this term: 2
Argued cases decided by authored decision: 0
Argued cases decided per curiam or by summary disposition: 0
Argued cases pending decision: 2
Other cases noted below: 0

Cases Heard at Oral Argument Pending Decision (chronological by date of argument):

United States v. Eugene, No. 18-0209/AR (CAAFlog case page) (argued on Wednesday, September 12, 2018): Two granted issues question whether a third-party can revoke consent to search, whether any such revocation occurred in this case, and whether the evidence would nevertheless have been inevitably discovery.

United States v. Criswell, No. 18-0091/AR (CAAFlog case page) (argued on Thursday, September 13, 2018): A single granted issue challenges the military judge’s ruling that allowed the alleged victim to make an in-court identification of the appellant as her assailant.

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