CAAF issued 46 opinions of the Court during its 2008 Term.  44 of those opinions either affirmed or reversed a CCA’s ruling (45% reversal rate among granted cases that result in an opinion of the court).  In 20 of those opinons, CAAF reversed the CCA’s ruling, while in 24, CAAF affirmed the CCA’s ruling.

Only one case from the Coast Guard Court was before CAAF this term — a certified issue case in which CAAF reversed the Coast Guard Court.  In the 11 Army cases in which CAAF affirmed or reversed ACCA, it did the latter a whopping 9 times.  (Of course, those 9 reversals are only a tiny part of ACCA’s output.)  In its 12 decisions in 12 Air Force cases, CAAF affirmed AFCCA’s ruling in 9 and reversed in 3.  Of the 20 naval cases in which CAAF either affirmed or reversed NMCCA, it affirmed in 13 and reversed in 7.

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  1. anonymous says:

    looks like ACCA needs to get it together!