With a recent bank robbery/bomb threat and now the shooting of two federal officers at the U.S. District Court building, I’m considering returning to active duty and applying for a tour in Afghanistan.

Amateur video of the shooting while in progress is available on YouTube here.

6 Responses to “Greetings from war-torn Las Vegas”

  1. Cossio says:

    You probably would be safer in Afghanistan, at least you know what the nutjobs over there look like.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Would that be like everyone else?

  3. Reply says:

    Non-MJ update: Gene Fidell spotted on CNN, strong rebuttal to uninformed opinions about prosecuting Christmas bomber in a military commission or court-martial. Well done.

  4. Thinks like Cossio says:

    There’s just not enough time in the day to properly spread all of my hate.

  5. Cossio says:

    More like spreading ignorance.

    The idea that terrorist in Afgahnistan “look lik everyone else” fits into liberal progressive Dogma that;

    1. Islamic Terrorist are like any other criminal or shooter here in the US. They are equal to Anti-Abortion radicals and evangelicals.

    2. Therefore Islamic Terrorism should be handled as a police action, we must give terrorist full access to our court as we would an US Citizen in order to show the world how nice we are.

    3. Anyone who disagrees with progressive ideology is spreading hate and fear and is therefore a racist (i.e. Tea “Baggers”, Anti Health “reform”).

  6. Christopher Mathews says:


    Another day, another bomb threat — this one at the Regional Justice Center, the state court complex about two blocks from yesterday’s shooting.