At the mid-term point, I noted that the number of petitions CAAF had received was on pace to be lower than any of the previouis 11 terms’ totals (and probably the lowest ever).

But the petition intake during the second half of CAAF’s just-completed term exceeded that of the first half.  According to the court’s official end o’ term stats, here (scroll down just a tiny bit), CAAF received 721 petitions for grant of review during the term.  That’s more than the FY 2003 term’s total of 694 petitions.  The September 2008 term’s total was 843.

The number of cases that CAAF carried over on its master docket (30) is identical to the number it carried over from the previous term.  That’s the latest indication that the number of cases CAAF decides during its brand new term will likely be similar to the number it decided during its just-completed term.

2 Responses to “CAAF’s petition docket last term — not an historic low”

  1. Money says:

    Let’s get it down to $1m per opinion please

  2. Anonymous says:

    Watching a bearded counsel get bounced at CAAF is a historic low. So is drinking coffee from Mitch’s Kitchen.

    The H isn’t silent. Garner has spoken.