Well, that didn’t take long.

CNN reports that State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, who last week went on record calling the treatment of detainee PFC Bradley Manning “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid,” has resigned. White House officials were reportedly “furious” over Crowley’s comments, and President Obama repudiated the remarks, calling the conditions of Manning’s confinement “appropriate.”

6 Responses to “State Dept. spokesman who criticized Manning confinement treatment resigns”

  1. publius says:

    The lesson, as ever: don’t mess with the Marine Corps.

  2. Personality Disorder Separation says:

    When it is your job description to speak carefully and tactfully at all times on behalf of the administration and you fly off the handle like Crowley did, a “resignation” is certainly in order.

  3. soonergrunt says:

    When you’re supposed to be the voice and face of the administration, or part of the administration, if go off the reservation, you stay off the reservation.
    This is what is supposed to happen.

  4. Lohengrin says:

    I agree with Crowley, but I also agree with the other commenters that to speak in the manner he did is constructively to resign. It would have been more graceful to resign and give the disagreement as a reason, rather than be forced to resign after stating the disagreement.

  5. Charles Gittins says:

    I agree with L. Resign first, then go have your say. This is what happens when spokespersons fail to follow the PA guidance and talking points. At the end of the day, Crowley is right. It is a disgrace that they are treating Manning the way they are. He stole some classified — same as Clinton’s National Security Advisor. I have a client facing the death penalty for 2 counts of murder who is living in less onerous conditions.


  6. soonergrunt says:

    New York Times editorial here: