This post will pick the lowest hanging of the end o’ term fruit.  More serious number crunching will come later in the weekend.

CAAF issued 46 opinions of the court during its 2010 term.  Five of those were per curiam opinions, leaving 41 authored opinions to spread among the court’s five judges.  Just like last term, the authored opinions weren’t evenly distributed.

Like last year, Judge Erdmann led the CAAF herd with 10 authored opinions.  Last year, Judge Ryan was tied for second with Judge Stucky, each of whom authored 9 opinions of the court.  Judge Ryan once again came in second this year with 9 authored opinions, but Judge Stucky dropped to a tie for fourth place with 7.  Judge Baker took the bronze this year with 8 authored opinions, 2 more than last term.  Last year, Chief Judge Effron authored the fewest opinions of the court.  This term he authored two more than last term and tied for fourth with Judge Stucky, each  with 7 opinions of the court this term.

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