Which CAAF judges were the most likely to be in dissent?  To quantify this, I looked at how often a judge wrote or joined an opinion identified as a “dissent.”  (This is a different measuring stick than I used in previous end o’ term stats posts.  For example, two judges may have joined in an opinion labeled as a “dissent” that resulted in a vote for the prevailing party.  Such a case would be included as a dissent for purposes of this analysis, but would not have been included as a 3-2 vote, since the vote for the prevailing party was 5-0).

The judge most likely to be in dissent was Judge Baker with 10.

Number 2 was Judge Stucky with 9.

Number 3 was Judge Ryan with 7.

Number 4 was Chief Judge Effron with 6.

The judge least likely to be in dissent was Judge Erdmann with 4.

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