Retained civilian defense counsel represented the appellant in 4 of the 46 cases producing opinions of the court during the 2010 term.  The civilian defense counsel prevailed in 50%.  In cases where the appellant was represented by a military or DOD civilian appellate defense counsel, the defense prevailed in 42.86%.

4 Responses to “End o’ term stats Part VII — retained civilian counsel”

  1. David Sheldon says:

    Respectfully speaking–this sounds like the old Kennedy’s secretary was named Lincoln, Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy………

  2. Winston McMillan says:

    Sounds like all counsel involved–both military and civilian– are working hard to ensure justice is served.

  3. Phil Cave says:

    Winston, I agree the “team” is working hard. In Savala I had the excellent work and assistance of two military counsel; one at NMCCA who did the hard work on the FS/LS part (I hate writing that stuff), and Sip wrote the petition and supp. that was granted by CAAF. So I would suggest the figures are more nuanced in all of the stats.

  4. BWMacKenzie says:

    I believe it was Will Rogers, a great American humorist, who once quipped, “People don’t lie, statistics do.” Not sure why this means anything really to this string but it came to mind.