Manning Speaks [updated]
PFC Bradley Manning testified yesterday in his unlawful pre-trial confinement hearing. WaPo coverage here. Military judge, Colonel Denise Lind also accepted the terms of Manning’s plea to some of the lesser charged offenses–plea inquiry likely to occur in December. The government will presumably decide which of the remaining charges will go forward now in the contested trial in early 2013. Coverage here and here.

British SAS Soldier Wins Appeal
Following up on our prior coverage here, an appeals court in the UK has reduced the sentence of an SAS soldier who, according to his defense, mistakenly left a pistol and ammunition in his bags. BBC coverage here. The Court Martial Appeal Court in London reduced the sentence, freeing Nightengale, but still must review whether the conviction should be overturned. Here is a transcript of the proceedings at the court-martial.

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