PFC Manning Unlawful Pretrial Confinement Hearing Closing Arguments

Here is the NYT report and here is the WaPo report from Ft. Meade on closing arguments in the marathon unlawful pre-trial confinement hearing in the PFC Manning court-martial.

Barracks Murder Court-Martial at Ft. Carson Day 2

Prosecution rests and defense mental health experts testify reports the Colorado Springs Gazette, here.

Pilot’s Court-Martial for Late Drop Hits Voir Dire Snags

Court-martial of pilot in death of paratrooper underway at Joint Base Lewis McCord, see Tacoma News-Tribune report here.  CPT Jared Foley is charged with reckless endangerment and dereliction of duty. Foley allegedly “approved a late jump outside of an established drop zone in windy conditions . . . . Sgt. Francis Campion, 31, of the 19th Special Forces Group landed on a building and fell to his death.”  According to the TN-T,today’s session was pre-occupied with disqualifying members that had direct knowledge of the late drop incident.

Royal Marines Being Tried Incognito

Here is an interesting tale that’s been developing since late summer.  Five Royal marines have been charged with murdering an Afghan detainee.  Their court-martial will proceed as planned this month, but with one unique feature, their names won’t be revealed to the public.  See coverage here and here (earlier coverage of the anonymity grant).

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