Here is a Politico piece on P.J. Crowley’s recent statements about Judge Lind’s ruling on the Manning unlawful pretrial confinement motion.  Crowley you’ll recall was forced to resign from the State Dept. after he criticized the conditions of Manning’s confinement. Crowley, a former Air Force Colonel and now a professor at GW, feels vindicated but isn’t in the tank for PFC Manning. He said he felt then and now that raising additional questions about US detention policies was not a good idea, but feels Manning stands accused of very serious charges and put real lives at risk with the alleged release of documents.

Wrong projects, wrong places, and add a little fraud, waste, and abuse and you have the US reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan says SIGAR, reports Stripes here.

Not quite MilJus, but General (ret) McChrystal re-appeared on CNN, here, to talk about Afghanistan, and not his intemperate remarks about the VP.

More on Pentagon day care investigation as seven employees are barred from unsupervised contact with children, report here.

Oops, there goes another one. Or maybe two . . . a Navy attack sub’s periscope collided with what appears to have been a fishing trawler in the Persian Gulf and the CO of another sub that collided with a US Navy cruiser during training operations was removed this week. Reports here and here.

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  1. Ama Goste says:

    Interesting that the parent quoted in the article on the Ft. Myer CDC is none other than Witt (only USAF member on military death row) prosecutor Rock Rockenbach.